Gina Ley, OTR/L

Gina Ley is an occupational therapist located in Kettering, Ohio. Ms. Ley is an affiliate of the Macks Psychology Group and is located at: 

5600 Kentshire Drive, Suite 206

Kettering, OH 45440

Ms. Ley graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy and a minor in psychology in 2001 from the University of North Dakota.  During her studies, she developed a passion for working with children with sensory processing and social-emotional challenges.  She sought out and completed graduate level coursework in autism studies and determined to work in pediatrics.


After her schooling, Ms. Ley began her career working at Community Hospital (now called Mercy Health-Springfield Regional Medical Center) in Springfield, Ohio where, as a new graduate, she was tasked with developing the outpatient pediatric rehabilitation program.  She also gained experience working with adults in the acute inpatient setting.  Her work with children solidified her desire to specialize with the pediatric population.  Ms. Ley continued to advocate for and expand the pediatric program, bringing the latest methods and equipment to the community for over 13 years.  During that time, she became certified as a sensory integration practitioner, able to administer and interpret the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (S.I.P.T.).  Ms. Ley received additional training in DIR/Floortime, various feeding programs, auditory interventions, and related sensory and motor courses.  She gained a reputation in the community among area mental health and developmental providers for being able to help children who had reached a plateau in their progress with other services.  Ms. Ley drew from her knowledge of sensory processing, as well as the relational approaches of DIR/Floortime, to engage with hard-to-reach children.


It was when Ms. Ley transitioned to working in the early intervention setting for the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities that she learned about developmental trauma and how experiencing a sense of safety and stability in one’s body, relationships, and environments, impacts all other areas of functioning.  She learned how to intervene early in a child’s development in order to curtail maladaptive compensatory behaviors and empower caregivers to affect changes in their everyday interactions with their children.  Toward that end, Ms. Ley has received additional training in and is able to offer the TummyTime! Method for pre-crawling infants, the PLAY Project home consultation program for young children with social-communicative and regulatory challenges, as well as rhythmic movement and reflex integration, and much more.  She is excited to offer an alternative approach to traditional occupational therapy services, utilizing primarily relational, bottom-up methods, which she believes have been largely missing from many of the current programs being offered.


Ms. Ley resides in Washington Township with her three neurodiverse children, Brody (11), Sawyer (9), and Avrielle (6), who have taught her more than any course ever could.


Please visit her website,, for more about her approach and services.