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David Zucker, Ed.D.

David I. Zucker is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience counseling children, adults, and families. Dr. Zucker worked with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services until 2005 when he opened his practice, Cincinnati Psychological Services, LLC. He joined the Macks Psychology Group in January 2022.


Dr. Zucker has worked with children and families across the greater Cincinnati area helping them identify and solve questions as to “why” or “what” explains and helps their situations. He has extensive experience identifying and offering support to individuals facing significant concerns because of substance abuse, mood or anxiety disorders, intellectual disabilities, attention deficit disorder, or autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Zucker believes strongly in identifying what enables individuals to be resilient in the face of challenging situations and finding and practicing strategies to enable them to find strength and move forward. Dr. Zucker believes that the first step of helping individuals go from doing nothing to doing something is the most challenging (and rewarding). Once that first step is identified, mastering the next steps becomes much easier. We often make multiple attempts at that first step, and Dr. Zucker is committed to working with patients to find what works best for each individual.


Dr. Zucker is devoted to supporting and strengthening individuals and families who wish to work together and helping them identify paths to success.


Dr. Zucker is a graduate of New York University (BA in Psychology, minor Near Eastern Language and Literature), Yeshiva University-Ferkauf Graduate School (Master degree in Special Education) and the University of Cincinnati where he received his Ed.D in Counseling in 1983. He completed his internship at Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.  Dr. Zucker was appointed to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Behavior Management Review Committee that helped write the rules for the use of behavior support plans in the State of Ohio. He has spoken widely on the use of behavior support strategies to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live, work, and play. He participated in the creation of two group homes in the Cincinnati area: Tikvah House now in Blue Ash, Ohio and the Southwest Residences, which operates two group homes for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. He previously was President of Southwest Residences and now serves on their board.


Dr. Zucker currently lives in Evendale, Ohio with his wife. They are the proud parents of two daughters and sons-in laws and three grandchildren.

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