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Psychological Testing Services

The Purpose of Testing

Psychological testing can help determine one’s strengths, as well as the cause of an individual’s struggles in one or more areas of functioning. It can also assist in developing the most appropriate plan of action to address these struggles.  It may help a child or adolescent obtain school-based services or accommodations through an IEP or 504 plan, receive accommodations on ACT/SAT or other standardized tests, and may help adults obtain work-based accommodations.  However, the decision is ultimately in the hands of the school or employer.


Psychological testing is frequently utilized to assess: 

   •  Academic difficulties (Learning Disability)

   •  Attention problems (ADD or ADHD)

   •  Cognitive functioning (Developmental Delay, Cognitive or Intellectual Disability)

   •  Social or communication deficits (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

   •  Behavioral or emotional problems

   •  Memory impairment

   •  Poor independent living skills

   •  Giftedness

What to Expect

The evaluation process is a multi-step process.


1. Diagnostic Interview:

During this appointment, we will meet with you in order to discuss the concerns and reason that testing is being sought.  The Diagnostic Interview serves two purposes: 


   •   We will clarify your questions and concerns so that we can fully customize the    

       evaluation to meet your needs.

   •  This appointment is also usually an insurance requirement. If you are using insurance,  

       after this appointment we will submit paperwork to your insurance company requesting 

       that they authorize the evaluation.


Children do not need to be present at this initial appointment. 


2. The Evaluation:

This appointment involves a full session of testing. While the duration will vary in length based upon the age of the test-taker and the presenting concerns, testing can take anywhere from 1-5 hours, with the vast majority typically taking 2-3 hours. Testing is normally a one-on-one experience with you or your child, and your provider.  Once the testing is complete, we will compile and analyze the results, and write up a final report that we will review and provide to you at our feedback session.


3. Feedback Session:

During the feedback session, we will explain all of the tests, measures, and scores. We will also explain their significance and inform you of any diagnoses (if applicable). Lastly, we will provide appropriate recommendations or referrals, along with the final copy of your report. If the evaluation was sought for academic purposes or disability services, we will remain available to consult with you, school personnel, or any agencies that provide disability services.

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