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Family Resources

We have compiled a list of helpful resources that you and/or your child can use at home to address social skills development and mental health needs.

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This packet includes activities that can be done at home to initiate conversation and practice social skills.

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This packet includes resources to work through family/sibling disputes and to build stronger relationships.  

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This is a one page document that details how to start a conversation and appropriate vs inappropriate topics when getting to know someone.

Other Conversation Skills Resources:

Conversation Stoppers

What's in your library? (worksheet)

What do I say? (brainstorming worksheet)

Conversation Ping-Pong Activity

Pick-a-Stick Activity

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This is a link to UCLA PEERS Role Play Videos with good and bad examples of social interaction. Great for all ages including dating etiquette for young adults. Watch with and without volume to identify non-verbal cues. 

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This packet includes a variety of social situations that relate to conversation skills, empathy, and problem-solving. 

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This packet focuses on identifying, understanding, and managing our emotions as well as the impact our choices can have on others.

How Miscommunication Happens

How Miscommunication Happens

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