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Mayo Tamura, Ph.D.

Dr. Mayo Tamura is an MPG Affiliate located at: 

10925 Reed Hartman Hwy, Suite #100A

Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

Dr. Mayo Tamura is a licensed and nationally certified school psychologist who specializes in supporting children and teens facing various academic, social, learning, and behavioral challenges through evaluation and consultation. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, earned her master’s degree in Clinical Child and School Psychology from Southern Illinois University, and obtained her doctorial degree  in School Psychology from the University of Missouri.


Being a psychologist has been Dr. Tamura’s dream since she was in college, and she has always cherished working with students. In 2005, Dr. Tamura obtained her first job at the University of North Carolina as an undergraduate research award assistant for a multi-year study on the development of elementary school students. After undergraduate, she worked as a staff teacher for a non-profit organization that supported children who avoided going to their schools. While studying for her future career, Dr. Tamura volunteered as a lunch buddy to elementary students and became a live-in nanny for a three-sibling family. Along the way, she contributed to several psychological research projects and obtained her Ph.D. in School Psychology. Dr. Tamura gained further valuable experience during her internship working as a school psychologist through the Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative in Indiana.


Dr. Tamura values fostering genuine and positive collaborations among individuals and systems crucial to children’s development. Dr. Tamura also believes that students can thrive when they are empowered and understand their strengths and weaknesses. 


Dr. Tamura has diverse experience delivering services in schools, clinics, residential treatment, and community settings. Before joining the Macks Psychology Group, she served in multiple school systems across Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois, encompassing suburban, urban, and rural environments. 


Dr. Tamura is very passionate about working with children, teens, their families, and educators to provide evaluative and consultation support so that young minds can learn, succeed, and flourish in life. She is originally from Japan and lives in Mason with her husband and children. As a parent, it is important to Dr. Tamura that she provides the families she meets with the same compassion and understanding she would expect for her own family.

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