Speech/Language Evaluations

The Purpose of Testing

At the Macks Psychology Group, our speech therapist evaluates and treats ages across the lifespan. Speech therapy services include speech and language, feeding and swallowing, and cognitive-communication challenges. A comprehensive evaluation is first completed to assess speech sound production as well as receptive and expressive communication abilities. The evaluation includes a parent interview, standardized tests, an informal conversational language sample, an oral mechanism exam, and observation. A full cognitive-linguistic assessment reviews all functional cognitive domains including: attention, information processing, orientation, short and long-term memory, problem-solving/safety awareness, executive functioning skills (planning and thought organization), and other functional cognitive skills.

Speech language evaluations can assess the following areas:

   •  Apraxia (Childhood Apraxia of Speech)  
   •  Articulation/Phonological Processes
   •  Autism Spectrum Disorder
   •  Developmental Delay
   •  Hearing Impairment
   •  Receptive/Expressive Language
   •  Language Processing
   •  Maltreatment/Trauma w/ language development
   •  Pragmatic/Social Language

Speech/Language Therapy

Speech/Language Therapy sessions typically occur once per week, but can be more or less frequent as needed. Therapy appointments can be used to address the following:


  • Communication delays in children

  • Articulation difficulties

  • Expressive language deficits (difficulty putting thoughts into words)

  • Receptive language deficits (difficulty efficiently processing auditory information)

What to Expect

The evaluation process is a multi-step process.


1. Complete Paperwork online:

This is done BEFORE THE EVALUATION in order for the SLP to have a good understanding of concerns and needs of the family prior to the evaluation.


2. The Evaluation:

This appointment involves a full session of testing. While the duration will vary in length based upon the age of the test-taker and the presenting concerns, test administration can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, with the vast majority typically taking 1 to 1 ½ hours. Testing is normally a one-on-one experience with your child, if separation is tolerated.  Parents are always welcome, though.  Once the testing is complete, a report will be written and provided to you with results and recommendations. 


3. Feedback Session:

During the feedback session, the SLP will explain the tests, measures, and scores. She will also explain their significance and inform you of any diagnoses (if applicable).  Lastly, appropriate recommendations or referrals will be discussed, along with the final copy of your report. If the evaluation was sought for academic purposes or disability services, the SLP will remain available to consult with you, school personnel, or any agencies that provide disability services.  This session is 30 minutes.