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Speech/Language Evaluations

The Purpose of Testing

At the Macks Psychology Group, our speech therapist evaluates and treats ages across the lifespan. Speech therapy services include speech, language, pragmatic/social language, and cognitive-communication challenges. A comprehensive evaluation is first completed to assess speech sound production as well as receptive and expressive communication abilities.  In addition, social/pragmatic language skills can be assessed if that is an area of concern.  The evaluation includes a parent interview, standardized tests, an informal conversational language sample, an oral mechanism exam, and observation.

Speech language evaluations can assess the following areas: 

   •  Apraxia (Childhood Apraxia of Speech)  
   •  Articulation/Phonological Processes
   •  Autism Spectrum Disorder
   •  Developmental Delay
   •  Receptive/Expressive Language
   •  Language Processing
   •  Pragmatic/Social Language

   •  Stuttering

Speech/Language Therapy

Speech/Language Therapy sessions typically occur once per week, but can be more or less frequent as needed. Therapy appointments can be used to address the following:


  • Communication delays in children

  • Stuttering

  • Articulation difficulties

  • Expressive language deficits (difficulty putting thoughts into words)

  • Receptive language deficits (difficulty efficiently processing auditory information)

  • Alternative/Augmentative Communication (use of pictures/devices to communicate)

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